Offering 2, 5 or 10 Sesh Coach Package Options

or a Team Master Class

Proven frameworks, the right questions, new vocabulary, manageable actions -
revealing the best version of you and the best in others.

The great news is your "takeaways" continue to resonate once the program completes.

I Coach the Art and Design of:

Here are the services I offer -
Each coach relationship is unique, highly customized
and rooted in your personal brand.

Your journey combines three paths:


"This was the program I didn't know I needed.
Your methods protected me from throwing darts at myself and others".

- A client

Discover ways to navigate the challenges naturally arising when people of conviction work together. In ways aligned with your own conversational style.  

See how to design pivotal conversations, managing up. down or sideways. Say a positive "no" with greater confidence.

Learn to give and receive respectful feedback - even if conflict adverse.

Repair, and build trust advancing mission. Take preventative conversational care to avoid potential de-railers in collaboration.

Empower authentic voice - even if introverted! - presenting your great ideas.


"You hold up a mirror to what's possible for me".

- A client

Discover real life ways to leverage your unique voice, professionally and personally. Stop spinning your wheels on stuff that no longer matters to live into the life you imagine.

StrengthFinder’s 2.0 is just our jumping off point.

Thrive in a highly individualized, holistic interpretation of your Top 5 Strengths. Receive a ton of specific steps, aligned with your unique brand, to act on what matters most to you. Clarify your next best direction and ways to get there.

Discover the resonant difference putting your creative drive to work on your vision for you and yours makes.


‍ “Self-modulating makes people nicer to be around”.

‍- A client

Pivot from who you think you should be to who you would like to become.
Live into your personal brand story in alignment with your best version of you.

Self-organize around your priorities so things really mattering have fresh clarity. Discover uncomplicated strategies to move in a streamlined vector towards your vision.

Declutter your mind-set to develop a stable platform of beneficial feelings.

Step up, step back as needed. Become a positive network energizer. When you rise your community rises.