“Self management is the main elegance.”
                              - Emerson
This holiday season gift someone you care about a sustaining experience.

Grace your parents, siblings, dear friends, a personal or professional partner
one breakthrough session with me developing their Five Core Strengths.

Gift a Founder or Start-up leader working through the holidays
one hour away from the busy discovering ways to anchor
in their unique strengths to streamline effectiveness.

Or, enjoy a strengths session yourself - independently or alongside one (or more) of your crew! 

Discover how your individual/collective strengths dovetail & complement each other. 
Align with your unique strengths to bring out your best and the best in others.

Jumpstart your new year with a ton of practical, soul catalyzing insight
(from my forthcoming book about strengths in action).

A smart indulgence, wise investment and resonant way to live into 2017.
Gift someone who matters to you.
Gift yourself & someone who matters.
Gift parents, siblings, dear friends,
professional or personal partner.
Gift yourself.

In the spirit of the season I am happy to provide a limited number of strengths
coaching packages at courtesy holiday savings on a first come, first served basis.
2 people
$299 per participant
   1 hour   (A $200 savings per person)
3 or more people
$299 per participant
1.5 hour   (A $200 savings per person)
Individual private session
1 hour   (A $200 savings )
Each package includes a complimentary online StrengthFinders test ($20 value).
We meet on-line, by phone or at my light filled Kensington studio, just north of Berkeley.
Next Steps
Yes, this holiday season I'd like to contribute to someone's development.

My Giftee(s) will complete their session with a Strengths Action Plan
designed just for them: practical action steps they'll enjoy testing out
at work, home and in life because they are based in their unique 5 Core Strengths.
   Yes, I'm in! 
Once payment is completed you will receive a personal email message from me with:

- Options to surprise or notify your Giftee(s)
- A link to the 20 minute on-line test identifying each Giftee's unique 5 Core Strengths.
 -  Calendar options for your individual or small group session.
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From two sessions to year long programs, I am happy to say my clients produce desired outcomes with deeper insight, well-being and joy.

If this sounds like it might match what you are seeking say hello:
e-mail or text to arrange an informational chat. Glad to answer
questions and learn about what you are up to now and next.

We meet on-site, virtually or at my light filled studio in Emeryville, California. Each session is timed to your calendar.

(This call is always complementary.)