Linda (Elle) Yaven

At E L L E V A T E, a boutique coach agency, we provide an original, proven Executive & Team coaching methodology. As CEO and Founder my approach is based in strategic thinking, appreciative inquiry and generative communication.

It is my privilege to roll up my sleeves & work with clients at Apple, IDEO, Pixar Animation Studios, Stanford University, Google, The World Bank, FuseProject, Gannett, Samsung, Tomorrow Partners, Intuit, Workday, AutoDesk, Iron Creative Communication, The Nature Conservancy, Gensler, Strong Brew, Rootid, Tipping Point Community, Swisscom, Oru Kayak, Riddle& Bloom, Full Circle Fund, Linked-in, Dye-Hard Fan Supply, DBOPartners, Singularity University & Teall Capital.   

As Associate Professor and Founding member of MBA Design Strategy, California College of the Arts, I've designed and teach the program's foundational communication course. My ethos: self mastery is key to leadership and high performing teamwork.

I'm on Faculty, Zoo Labs Music Entrepreneurship Accelerator, Oakland guiding musicians on talent development & group dynamics. I've presented at Berklee School of Music, Boston.

Am honored to have led master classes at Stanford University, African & African American Studies, IDEO, Google, The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum & Blackboard. I’ve served as Advisor/Documenter for The Making Learning Visible Institute at Harvard & consulted to the Education Branch of the Department of Defense on "Meaningful Critique".

What you won't find out from my credentials is I have a studio practice as a painter & have meditated for quite awhile now.

In the movie Star Wars, the rebel base is on the 4th moon of the planet Yaven. I once had the opportunity to share this with Director George Lucas, who smiled and said he thought he made the name up.