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What Clients Say

"Elle's work was a turning point for us in team development. We got to a more open and willing place more quickly than I ever thought possible. Now, as a result there's less tension in the office: transitions are easier, people are more comfortable with each other, happier and humor was restored. We came away with renewed respect for one another so we work seamlessly. It’s a new day."

Allyson Hobbs
Director of African & African American Studies, Stanford University

"Elle has an innate ability to quickly yet deeply understand people's strengths and see what holds them back. She provides clear ways to face fears to maximize potential. We were fortunate enough to have Elle conduct a SuperPowers/Strengths workshop at our team summit: the depth of
personal and team understanding we walked away with was phenomenal.
I’ve also had the opportunity to work 1:1 and in group contexts with Elle.
The chance to work with Elle is a tremendous gift and will forever
change your perspective.“

Reena Merchant
User Experience Manager II, Google

"As a music accelerator helping musicians integrate business and music, Linda Yaven has coached bands of performers over the past five years. Like a swift wind blowing dead leaves from a garden, this woman knows how to get rid of distractions that keep us from connecting to ourselves and others in order to reach heightened creativity and richer relationships.

Without fail, after Team Dynamics work with Elle, people emerge with fresh ideas knowing their craft, themselves and each other in new ways."

Brad Dollar
Chief of Music Development, Zoo Labs, West Oakland

"Elle led our Problem Solver & Management Teams in her strengths program and provided her 360 Method for Respectful Feedback; it has made a real difference. 

Elle is expert at swiftly getting who people are, and provides highly individualized ways for each person to bring out their best in a team context. She gave each team real life ways to focus on their mission-in-common rather than get mired in interpersonal snafus. She is vital to our effort.”

Renuka Kher
 Director T Lab, Tipping Point Community

"Elle is a fabulous coach who was instrumental in helping me move to the next chapter in my professional career. Ready for a change after a tenured period in a large role at Google, Elle worked diligently with me to hone my strengths, build my confidence and clarify my communication.

With keen intuition, she provided guidance on how to navigate certain conversations and how to position myself more strategically. Leveraging my newfound confidence and clarity, I secured a position that was everything I was looking for as part of an executive team with global responsibility. Elle helped me narrow in on the factors that were most important, and without her stewardship, I would not have landed such an amazing opportunity."

Catherine Smith
Senior Director of Customer Success, Mitek

"Since Elle started as my Leadership Coach, I have seen transformational results personally and professionally. As CEO at Full Circle Fund at a pivotal time in our organization’s history, the most challenging part of my job is to develop and lead a new strategy. Her customized methodology provided a strong framework for us to work within as a team, as well as the tools and resources to continue to grow and develop individual leadership strengths.

Elle has a unique ability to deliver results-oriented suggestions that feel welcoming and positive while also not shying away from giving critical feedback when needed. This is an obvious combination of her gentle approach, her deep knowledge and extensive experience working with leaders."

Jay Hirschton
CEO Full Circle Fund

“Elle is uniquely gifted at digesting complex inputs and cutting through the clutter to reveal simple, actionable steps that prove to be truly transformative.

Elle's highly individualized method swiftly draws out people’s potential to quickly capitalize upon the team's unique strengths and gain greater understanding of each individual team member. 

It’s an understatement to say that it is a great fortune to work with Linda Yaven.”

Matt Cooke
CEO/Owner Iron Creative Communication , San Francisco

“Elle has the ability to strip down the excess and look directly at what matters. She enables our musicians to become the optimal version of themselves. Her “SuperPowers Workshop” leaves people optimistic, transformed and empowered to continue on their path. It is a cornerstone of our program.”

Vinitha Watson
CEO & Founder of Zoo Labs

“To say my time with Elle was transformative is an understatement: I was able to achieve what I thought was impossible a year ago. Her ability to articulate your whole personhood is a rare and unique talent. She provided a framework for what I wanted to achieve professionally - working with her takes you to the next level. She has a gentle ability to get to the core of an issue that you might be avoiding, face the fear and build a new foundation together. She embodies the “growth mindset.” I felt challenged to be my best self with her; she taught me I can be my best self with everyone. Elle is a gift. Do not miss the opportunity to work with her individually or in a team. You will not regret it.”

Gregory Stock
Director of Development, Djerassi Foundation, Woodside CA.

“Working with Elle was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. She gave me the tools, insight and confidence to pursue a fully engaged and intentional life. Elle crafted a plan to shed past frustrations and define a vision for my purpose-driven future. Most importantly, she ensured my learning would never end by providing a framework for mindful self-reflection. I wholeheartedly recommend Elle.”

James Lane
Innovation Design Manager, AAA

“Elle has been a leadership coach and business
mentor for the nonprofit communication agency we cofounded 6.5 years ago.
I can truly say her high standards and strategic thought leadership have been
integral to both my professional/personal growth and that of my firm. 

As many young companies do, we experienced growing pains;
Elle's insightful frameworks supported my partners and I communicating more effectively, not only with one another but with clients. We are stronger as an organization and project greater unity and expertise as a result.”

Valerie Neumark
Co-Founder & Brand Strategist, Rootid

“Recently I gave a speech at a Grammy party of 500 people - and was simply myself. The group quieted as I spoke and I received positive feedback. Elle's structured system of goals/routines/patterns is a fantastic paradox of clear distilling points opening tremendous freedom - giving me ways to quickly focus on what I care about and jettison the rest. I experience more poise and power than I ever imagined. I highly recommend you.”

Michael Romanowski
Owner, Michael Romanowski Mastering
President, SF Chapter National Recording Arts & Sciences

“Hearing Linda Yaven speak I realized how constricted I've been by so much logical thinking about innovation and creativity. A weight was lifted: new possibilities showed up for our whole group.”

Terri Turner
Project Zero, Harvard

"You have given us a new vocabulary and language. This is both a highly integrated experience putting me in the mode of creative inquiry yet also super pragmatic. You have a gift for creating an environment where good change happens - you are an intuitive "maximizer" and soul catalyst."

Kurt McCulloch
Steelcase, San Francisco

"Elle's workshop for our staff was the best professional development training we have had in six years".

Jeannine Szamreta
Dean of Students, California College of the Arts