1:1 coaching with elle
taking the reins in your life: self-leadership

ONE TO ONE                    A CUSTOM WORKSHOP

1 or 2 sesh laser coaching

Our 5 or 10 sesh phased engagements are faves

30 & 45 minute session.
Short form & phased engagements.

What would thrill you to create now - or over 90 days?

How would calendaring creative time add to the quality of your life?

"Becoming a more effective & empathic leader starts with how I lead myself"

‍- A client

"My session with Elle was the most insightful 30 minutes I've ever spent."

‍- A client

First, we map your 5 Core SuperPowers.

Uncover & flourish in a highly individualized Talent Profile.

Yet, having a talent doesn’t mean it works in your favor.

From our first sesh, we co-create highly individualized, step-by-step ways for you to thrive acting on your priorities. Developing what matters most to you is a sure fire formula for eliminating unproductive stress. And producing less of it in those around you.

Test out your customized practices in the real world of work, home and play. The result?

Enjoy a feel for your just right rhythm of positive forward momentum:

Enjoy a feel for your just right rhythm of positive forward momentum:

--> Shattering personal glass ceilings.
--> Articulating authentic voice & choice managing up, down or sideways.
--> Saying a "positive no" to un-clutter & release energy drains.
--> Engaging in relationship design repairing/building trust with less drama.
--> Aligning your SuperPowers & personal brand story.
--> Linking your leadership style to better self-care practices.

Whether introvert, extravert or ambivert (a combo) you deserve the freedom of creative agency in your life.

Knowing you have a strategic partner on your journey, un-clouds direction. I have a knack for unknotting challenges for clear, vibrant direction.

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