I Am collaborative.
PEER-TO-PEER 360 feedback LOOPS
One-to-one or Group Rapid 1 or 2 session or Phased Engagement

“We got to a more open & willing place more quickly than I ever thought possible. There's less tension, people are happier
and have renewed respect for one another."

‍- A client

Peer-to Peer 360 Feedback Loops

Discover how to give & receive respectful feedback - even if conflict adverse.

Walk through a time tested, safe. sequenced feedback loop for honest feedback without eroding trust. Restore, repair or build trust sharing respectfully.

Identify your Conflict Style & discover tangible steps to pivot from emotionally demanding/draining/drama in interpersonal dynamics.

Take the time to share what works, celebrate the wins and clarify what needs changing. The program provides each participant clear takeaways to bring out their best advancing mission-in-common.

Develop as a positive energizer relaxing away from pointless stress to galvanize group work.

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