I am intentional.
living into my priorities 2021
Launching January 2021

"I achieved what I thought impossible a year ago. Your step-by-step method took me to the next level. You hold up a mirror to what's possible for me".

‍- A client

Clarify & Execute on Your Priorities

The word intention can often feel like a mystery. Yet it is a driving force within us requiring our attention, design & execution. Otherwise we live in ambient stress - not the good kind. Instead, become a positive energizer taking action on what matters to you.

This is a Micro Class for setting great things in motion.

Receive steps to clarify your intention and discover proven ways to execute. Previous participant intentions ranged from decluttering your desk or desktop, to starting a business, from researching a next position to speaking up where it counts, from leading a team while also practicing self-care, to building a bike you ride to the top of Mount Tam.

Join a small group of 12 to walk through uncomplicated strategies of persistence. Hearing how others show up to resolve their challenges expands your possibilities and resources.

Clarifying an intention for 2021 is soothing; acting upon them builds courage and self-confidence like nobody's business.

Limited Enrollment. Questions? Happy to connect here

Yes, I'm in!