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Co-Creative Leadership

We are each conduits in diverse professional/personal communication eco-systems. Let's up your clarity, confidence & credibility there. Make it easy for others to engage.

Thrive in an interactive playbook of prompts, strategies & intuitive tools aligning the different identities you wear at work, home & play. Flourish as the central character in your story, authoring your path & personal brand.

Add value with less drama or over explaining. Thrive presenting, advocating & leading. Even if you see yourself as an introvert.

Strengths Into Talents

We begin by mapping  individual & whole group strengths. Yet, having a strength doesn’t mean it works in your favor.

Discover which of 35 creative drivers, from my forthcoming book, influence you. Identify constraints within interpersonal dynamics, then reduce stress pivoting to mindful relationship design.

Message team brand grounded in your team's specific talents.

Yaven 360™ and Conflict Styles

We are all about amplifying respectful listening & belonging in teamwork. Enjoy a peer-to-peer framework for giving & receiving honest feedback so it lands. Even if conflict adverse.

My proprietary 360  has proven itself with hard driving teams
who like dissolving confusion to advance mission & heighten trust.

Your take away? Clarity & rapport knowing who's doing what by when. Experience well-being energized by mindful feedback.

Boundary Setting: A Positive No

Rock your integrity by articulating boundaries & choices when overly demanding clients, colleagues or project creep shows up.

Connect the dots between a "positive no" & messaging your value proposition. Distilling what matters most streamlines success.

Clear the decks energetically to own your attention, calendar & resources is a necessary luxury now.

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