DESIGNING personal knowledge systems.   

One to One & Team Cultures

Unless you take the reins in your life, its easy to lose touch of your what matters most to you. The quality of your life goes to what you say "no" to.

Creating breathing room for your priorities. Thrive owning your attention, calendar & resources.

Clarify and catalyze, an intention IRL. Respectfully stand your ground with clients or project creep. Friends & family too.

Experience life blossoming.

What you tell yourself matters. Join a small group in this Intensive, to create breakthroughs in real-life communication challenges. Have conversations you never thought possible. Change someone's mind.

For introverts too.

Flourish advocating your great ideas as a speaker & presenter.

Relax into authentic voice landing messages.

Crush goals, in your own communication style.

Having a strength doesn't mean it works in your favor.

My 35 Creative Drivers, one created just for you, provides the specific pivots, for getting out of your own way.

Discover the hidden strengths turning your team into a talent force. Stop putting energy into actions blocking coherent brand message.

Engage in relationship design getting stuff done.

Flourish in a proven framework for giving & receiving respectful feedback.

Clear the collaborative air to create next level results, energized by mindful feedback.

Refine your conflict style, even if conflict adverse.

I've rolled up my sleeves applying my proprietary Yaven 360™ with hard-driving crews. Raise team affinity, clarity & know whose doing what by when. You deserve curative conversations advancing mission.

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