Talent lab for team well-being.      

Working your SuperPowers!

Creating communication breakthroughs to profit everyone.

Discover intuitive ways to channel your strengths effectively. Because having a strength doesn't mean it works in your favor.
In this interactive workshop uncover your signature strengths & respectful ways to message these advancing projects with esprit.

You'll receive a highly individualized reading of your own, and the teams' SuperPowers. Thrive in clear direction, less stress & more affinity.

Enjoy developing your personalized & confident communication style.

During this Masterclass you uncover your authentic power as a mindful communicator.

Create self-trust managing up. down or sideways. Wow a roomful of strangers. Nail the presentation or the pitch. Make people laugh.

Even if you're introverted.

Flourish in a treasure trove of proven communication strategies for well-being in teamwork.  

The quality of your life goes to what you say "no" to.

Let's create breathing room in your life. Given all you are taking care of, see how to conserve precious time for yourself. Thrive acting on priorities by owning your attention, calendar & resources.

Because you deserve the productive serenity a well delivered "No" offers.

Thrive in the positive energy mindful feedback offers. Even if feedback is not usually your favorite thing!

This Masterclass begins by creating a respectful space to speak & listen. Next, experience the safety of my time-tested framework for giving & receiving honest feedback.

Clear the collaborative air to advance projects in a "We are in this together" mood. Create clarity about whose doing what by when.

I've rolled up my sleeves applying my Yaven 360™ with pressure driven teams. You deserve to celebrate what is working & enjoy clarity about next steps for the challenges.   

Next level happiness.
What's the communication challenge holding your magnificent self in limbo?

Or, keeps your team from advancing? 

Breakthrough, to knock it out of the park, making the difference you intend!

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