A Virtual Microclass

The Power of A Positive "No"!

Architecting Boundaries & Breathing Room (This Time for Women in Particular!)

Tuesdays, October 3 & 10 at 11 am pacific
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FOMO, people pleasing, competing interests, shiny objects

It's so easy to override what truly matters! Unless you take the reins in your life, stress rushes in to make decisions for you. At some point in a woman's life she invests in herself by investing in her own personal positive "No"! 

Setting up healthy boundaries to act on your own priorities.

Pivoting away from living under the pressure of others’ expectations.

Choreographing relationship design in ways that feel right for you.

Nurturing your spirit & Ellevating your influence.

Ready to step outside unprofitable revolving doors?

Join us October 3rd and 10th!

You'll be opening a breakthrough door to your own Positive “NO!”. Discovering a practical, step-by-step sequence to protect your priorities. In a safe environment, rehearse your own "No!" and ask questions you might otherwise hesitate to bring up.

Enjoy highlights from my MBA Communication/Leadership courses -where "A Positive No!" is always a fave topic :)

Take pleasure in your fierce and friendly, by giving attention to what matters —including you!

Flourish in breathing room for your heart’s desire!

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Expect to pivot away from SELF-DOUBT

Thrive in practical ways to dial back:

  • Over committing & project creep
  • Keeping your “NO!” to yourself (never saying it out loud)
  • Ruminating on “Am I worth it?”
  • Negating what matters most to you
  • Fear of damaging relationships by speaking up



  • Clarifying your priorities
  • Protecting your interests
  • Trusting the decisions you are making
  • Owning your attention, energy, calendar & resources
  • Choreographing relationship design
  • Speaking in ways that invite people to see who you truly are
1. A 3 Hour Virtual Sesh

Tuesday, October 3, 11–2 pm PT

2. Bonus Group Burst! Victories & Mess-Ups Q & A Sesh

Tuesday, October 10, 11–12 am PT

After our first session, enjoy testing out your personalized takeaways at work, home and play. Return in two weeks to share the victories and mess-ups – yep, we celebrate both!

3. Pre-Masterclass Discovery: we jumpstart making a positive "NO!" your own!  

Upon payment, you'll receive 3 questions & 1 fun exercise before the course begins to release overwhelm and name your "NO"! with confidence. Your responses provide ways for me to offer personalized feedback & manageable action steps during the MICRO-CLASS itself.

Investment $297.
Student & Non-Profit Scholarships $97.

Ready? Goodness awaits. Cya there!

(Questions? Contact: stephaniehoang14@gmail.com)