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Linda (Elle) Yaven

At EllevateYou, my coach agency, I lead a research-based leadership method combining design thinking, creative strategy and positive intelligence. Partnering with individuals and teams, my expertise is swiftly diagnosing and proscribing clear best direction through generative communications.

In addition to coaching people at IDEO, Google, Pixar, Allianz, Propelland, Oru Kayak, Nature Conservancy, Full Circle Fund, Linked-In, OKCOIN, Kreatives, Strong Brew, Iron Creative, Secret Sauce, Stanford University & Teall Sports and Entertainment...

...I'm an Associate Professor at California College of the Arts' own ground-breaking Masters of Business in Design Strategy teaching "Generative Communication" & "Leadership Lab".

I am also honored to have served as Advisor/Documenter for The Making Learning Visible Institute at Harvard & consulted to the Department of Defense's Education Branch on "360 Meaningful Critique/Conflict Style".

Though some days you can find me coaching music bands on team dynamics in business.

Finally, as a long time meditator & coming from studio practice as a painter, I am humbled by how creative dynamics play at work, home and community.

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