Bring out your best & bring out the best in others!

Agility in self-leadership to leadership.
Activate primary & hidden talents.
Crystallize your conditions of satisfaction.
Choreograph relationships.
Ground in your communication style. Quirks required!

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Linda (Elle) Yaven

Leadership Thought Partner & Certified Coach
Generative Communication Specialist
Business Navigator (with intuition whisperer tendencies)
Faculty MBA & Masters Interaction Design, California College of the Arts


Call me Elle!

Take care of business without burn out.

I co-partner with spirited doers in fast moving worlds, who thrive in accomplishment & contribution but are done being caught in revolving doors of ineffective communication. Their own, and others.  

Experience deep satisfaction bringing out your best & the best in others. Embed confidence in a meeting, recording studio, on-line or even at the kitchen table.

Craft your life as a contributor with creative agency through proven, step-by-step frameworks (road tested by some tough cookies:)!

Break out of modesty norms to architect a homecoming to your own enoughness & inner sense of rightness.

Gift yourself the rewards of high-value habits voluntarily spilling you into success on your terms.

My ethos: when you rise, others do!
Well-being is right around the corner.
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Let's Connect!
"Part Executive Coach, part Magician, partnering with Elle, I reconfigured leadership to suit me! I see how my mindset is paramount, and self-connection makes me a more effective team player. I now respect how emotional wisdom is part of how I configure leadership. Our conversations and Elle’s evocative frameworks put me in the driver’s seat, authoring my own leadership style so the adventure got richer."

- Katherina Voelker
Global Brand Manager, Allianz Group, Munich
"Elle is redefining what it means to be a leader in business. At IDEO Elle was able to sync with highly driven, fast paced, active individuals effortlessly. No easy feat to add value so swiftly. She is an alchemist of presence, enabling others to shape their futures – building upon the best in individuals, and forging new realities that precisely suit those needs and abilities. She sees and speaks to all, and each, at the same time. Her 360 feedback defines how we do feedback now."

- Chris Krohn
"Elle's work was a turning point: we got to a more open & willing place more quickly than I ever thought possible. There's less tension in the office, people are happier and have renewed respect for one another."

- Allyson Hobbs
Director of African & African American Studies, Stanford University
“Elle has the ability to strip down the excess & look directly at what matters. She enables our musician/entrepreneurs to become the optimal version of themselves. Her SuperPowers Workshop leaves people optimistic, transformed and empowered on their path."

- Vinitha Watson
CEO & Founder of Zoo Labs
"Elle provides a safe space to let my guard down so I can curate my professional path aligned with my values and voice. Having strategies to breakthrough my internal barriers, I can create success on my terms. As a female entrepreneur herself, Elle helped me own my empathetic leadership style."

- Leah Lane
CEO, Strong Brew, Emmy Award Winning producer
"Elle is the most talented communications coach I have ever met. She can hear a slight change in the tone of your voice and help you discover your source of truth". 

- Stephanie Knabe
Sr. Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Workday
" Elle has an unwavering belief in creativity and if playing to our strengths work is never a grind. Underneath practical career questions—ones that while keeping you moving forward may also keep you stuck—what gets you up in the morning? What work generates its own momentum? Elle refines this search to zero in on just the thing."

- Jason Dorrier
Editorial Director & Managing Editor, Singularity University
"Elle’s acute perceptiveness allows her to quickly understand the intricacies of complex situations, challenges, and people (including yourself).  She easily provides clarity and offers communicative frameworks for resolving them in a clear and digestible manner.  Her leadership coaching has been invaluable."

- Wes Day
Partner, Teall Capital, Sports Business Journal, Forty Under 40
"Like a swift wind blowing dead leaves from a garden this woman knows how to get rid of distractions so people emerge from working with her with fresh ideas, knowing their craft, themselves and each other in new ways."

- Brad Dollar
Chief of Music Development, Zoo Labs, West Oakland
”Elle expertly & swiftly provides highly individualized steps for each person to bring out their best in a team context. Her method provided real life ways to focus on mission-in-common rather than get mired in interpersonal snafus. She is vital to our effort.”

- Renuka Kher
Board Chair, Beyond 12. Board Member, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.
"Elle is a fabulous coach. With keen intuition, she provided guidance navigating pivotal conversations to position myself more strategically on my career path. With her stewardship, I leveraged my newfound confidence & clarity to land a position that was everything I wanted.  Thanks!!! "

- Catherine Smith
Leadership Training & Facilitation, Team Building, Google Alum
“To say my time with Elle was transformative is an understatement: I achieved what I thought impossible a year ago. Her step-by-step method takes you to the next level professionally. She has the gentle ability to get to the core of an issue & embodies the “growth mindset". Elle is a gift. Do not miss the opportunity to work with her individually or as a team."

- Gregory Stock
Chief Brand Officer, Secret Sauce
“Working with Elle was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. I received the tools, insight & confidence to pursue a fully engaged, intentional life. Elle crafted a plan to shed past frustrations & define a vision for my purpose-driven future. Most importantly, she ensured my learning would never end by providing a framework for mindful self-reflection."

- James Lane
Innovation Design Manager, AAA
"You have given us a new vocabulary and language. This is both a highly integrated experience putting me in the mode of creative inquiry yet also super pragmatic. You have a gift for creating an environment where good change happens - you are an intuitive "maximizer" and “soul catalyst."

- Kurt McCulloch
Manager, User Experience Research at LinkedIN

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WHAT's THE FUTURE your inner adventurer is Called to?

What's absorbing you? The challenge? Opportunity?

What’s the question that if answered well would propel you forward?

Together, let's unknot that & more for your confident direction!

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