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Love your work but want to grow? Love your work but yipes -in overwhelm? Ready to walk out of the revolving door holding you back?

My coach packages have proven to ground you in clear direction & confidence as you make leadership your own.

Together we define your criteria for success so you thrive in an enriched professional, personal and life adventure.


Your coach package jumpstarts by identifying, not just your strengths, but your favorite form of getting in your own way. Next, receive highly individualized next steps to self-align with your SuperPowers. Energize through breakthrough practices making intuitive sense to you, since they build upon your authentic voice and values.

Develop a communication style you love managing up, down or sideways!


Coming from Design Thinking, and with a background as a painter, I offer time tested ways to align your logistical and creative aspects. Experience cohesion beneath the different hats you wear through your day. Celebrate and share your accomplishments by pushing back on cultural and modesty norms.

Though I am direct, my coaching style is not in your face, and this is not business coaching in the usual sense. The path translates design thinking to personal design, so you emerge with a crystalline view for your future facing itinerary.


Start the business or project, make the ask, empower your team, create healthy boundaries, embed self-trust, practice relationship design, self-care and speak up sooner in difficult/pivotal/priceless conversations.

Become more persuasive creating outcomes that keep on giving. Embrace your difference to become a more effective, emotionally wise team player.

I like to say coaching happens in between sessions, when you test out personalized practices aligned with your goals. Then return to share both the triumphs and mess-ups. Yep - we celebrate both!

We meet bi-weekly, on-line, by phone or in person. 3, 5 or 10 session package options available as well as phased engagements.


Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to ask any questions and for me to learn about your goals.

Happy to share the details of how it all works too!

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