Bringing out your best. Bringing out the best in others.

Communication Styles Workshop

From newly formed to intact teams, create communication breakthroughs attuning your team culture. 

This workshop provides diverse team talents individual & collectives ways to develop as communicators.

Create alignment internally & with customers, clients & stakeholders. Repair the energy leaks holding you back to restore or further trust.

Flourish in safety, belonging and effectiveness as an ensemble advancing mission.

Creative Drive Workshop

Redirect your strengths to more profitable ways of being. Because having a talent doesn't mean it works in your favor.

Discover highly individualized habits proven to channel your gifts for success. Dial back stress -and produce less of it around you by cultivating your creative drive.

Find out what makes your colleagues tick and what to do about the challenges.

Walking through my time=tested Creative Drive Guide provides personalized pivots to constructively redirect your strengths.

Thrive in clear direction and affinity. Plus, it's proven to be a natural mood Ellevator:)

The Power of a Positive "NO" Workshop

The quality of your life goes to what you say "NO" to, so you can flourish in the breathing room healthy boundaries provide.

Given all you take care of and are busy with, let's create precious time for you. See how to say a respectful "NO" to demanding clients, stakeholders, pals or partners without damage to your relationships.

Increase respect within your team culture owning this practice in tandem. Find out for yourself how saying a positive "NO" clarifies & moves action forward. It is an act of self, other and company care.

Experience the freedom of owning your attention, calendar & resources.

Because you deserve the productive serenity a well delivered "NO" offers.

Yaven 360™ Feedback & Conflict Style Workshop

Receive the benefits of respectful feedback -even if giving and receiving feedback is not your favorite thing or you're conflict avoidant.

This workshop offers a trusted framework to speak & listen to divergent opinions in safety. Experience giving & receiving respectful, honest feedback, while celebrating what's good.

Clear the collaborative air to advance projects in a "we are in this together" attitude. Create clarity about whose doing what by when. And what to do about the confusions.

I've rolled up my sleeves leading my Yaven 360™ in accelerated, high demand team cultures. Let's build clarity and camaraderie as we work the challenges.