Next Level Happiness


How are you doing? Looking back on the past few years a lot has changed in our world. More than ever, the way we show up matters. It’s become more pressing than ever to be intentional.

Unless you take the reins in your life, the world will make decisions for you. It's easy to lose touch with what matters. Without the right routines, direction gets foggy. Much as we’d like to streamline sailing ahead, we are repeatedly set off-course.

I know keeping your eye on the prize matters to you, just as it does to me. It is why I am sending you this invite!

This July, I am leading an upbeat, content rich, micro-course on-line:

Join a small group of kindred spirits to make real what is of prime concern to you these days.

The quality of your life goes to what you say no to.

Three Wednesday summer afternoons, July 6 & 20, Aug 3, 11:00-1 pm PT.

As an experienced coach, there is a secret to creating contribution and success on your terms. Whether your style is understated or OTT, I kid you not, it all begins with flexing your "Positive No.”

What would thrill you to create this summer? In a small group, we’ll walk through a step-by-step sequence to clarify, catalyze and self-organize around your intention. Discover ways to safeguard your “Yes!” in our ever-changing world. Enjoy upgrading the delivery of your Positive No, so it truly lands.

Tailor your own playbook of individualized behaviors to suit your communication style. Then, test these out back in your own life. You’ll bask in the immediate benefits. We’ll celebrate victories and trouble shoot the mess-ups! Come home to yourself, in a way you never quite have.

Rock your integrity by respectfully standing your ground with colleagues, project creep, family and experience life blossoming!

You deserve to own your attention, resources and calendar in safe fellowship with your highest good! You deserve to feel the energy and serenity a well-placed “Positive No” delivers.

Can’t wait to have you join us in this one-of-kind journey attuning to the beautiful power of intentionality.


Ready for next level happiness? We embark soon!
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